Upgrades at the Firing Range

Maybe you have noticed the work that has been going on at the range. Two fans have been installed on range A. While they are up and operable, care must be exercised when activating them. Please do not pull the chains with excessive force. We will be installing power switches in the near future that will eliminate the need of pulling the chains.

A new shelter with 3 picnic tables, and fan have been added at range A, for your convenience. Lights and electric power have also been added so you can charge your cell phones and other electronic devices. In addition, the sign in shack has undergone several improvements.

All of the berms have either been upgraded or are in the process of being brought up to date.

Work continues in and around the range. We need every ones assistance in maintaining this facility. Remember to police your brass and targets. There is a dumpster at the range. Please use it as it is intended. PICKUP YOUR TRASH, and dispose of it in the dumpster.

Also report any damage or miss use at the range to:

Rodney James, Range Committee Chairman, if Rodney is unavailable, please contact:

  • Tom Gallo, FOP Treasurer
  • Tony Geiger
  • Sean Greene