Update on COVID-19 and NCFOP10

Dear Members,

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation worsening and the fact that we have a very diverse population of members that include some of the more vulnerable individuals to this disease, we will be closing the event hall of the FOP until further notice.  We want to assist in any way we possibly can in preventing this devastating virus from reaching anyone, especially our valued members.

We will not be allowing the EVENT facilities area to be utilized, rented, or used in any way until further notice.

**THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RANGE**  We do ask that you follow the CDC’s guidelines on “social distancing” and other precautionary measures.  We will continue to allow members access to the restroom area of the lodge so there will be an area for proper handwashing if desired.

It is also unfortunate; however understandable, that two other important events are being postponed/canceled as well.

  • The North Carolina Peace Officer Memorial Service that was to be held in Mooresville, NC on May 7th 2020 will be postponed (future date has not been determined)
  • The 2020 National Peace Officers Memorial Service that was to be held in Washington, DC will be canceled

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me.


Rodney James, President NCFOP 10