Statesville police officer shot in apparent ambush

On 06/15/2018, just before midnight, one of our brothers with Statesville Police Department was conducting foot patrols within his community.  He was ambushed and shot in the back by a cowardly suspect.  Thankfully, God was watching over our officer and the bullet was blocked by the bullet proof vest he was wearing at the time of the incident.  Our brother will be okay, and the investigation is ongoing in attempt to identify, locate, and prosecute the cowardly individual that is responsible for this act.

Please keep him, his family, and his department in your prayers.  I also request that each and every one of our law enforcement officers continue to be vigilant for their own safety and the safety of their fellow brothers and sisters.

God bless,
President Rodney James
FOP Lodge #10


Statesville officer shot in the back; vest stops bullet in apparent ambush

A Statesville police officer escaped serious injury late Friday night when his protective vest absorbed the brunt of a gunshot fired by an unknown suspect in an apparent ambush. Statesville Police Chief Joe Barone said Tyler Horn and another officer were on routine foot patrol at about 11 p.m.