Lodge, Merchants Assist Needy Family

When a lodge executive board member heard that a single mother of two sons who was suffering from cancer needed help, he jumped into action. First VP Ron “Duck” Wyatt brought the woman’s situation to the e-board and requested the lodge to step up and assist the family.

It was determined that the most immediate problem was that the mother had no reliable means of transportation for visits to her doctors and treatment centers. Although she had two cars, both were inoperable. Wes Edmiston, of All American Towing jumped up to the plate, towing both vehicles to his business. After an extensive evaluation, it was determined that repairs would cost more than the cars were worth. Wes did not charge the lodge for any of his time or labor.

It was at this point the e-board decided to donate a Chevy Impala that had been utilized by the lodge for over nine years to the family. A safety inspection revealed that new tires were needed. Enter Scott, of Accel Tire in Statesville–new tires for half price.

Now the Impala needed some TLC. FOP lettering and striping had to be removed. The Detail Spot (TDS) in Statesville not only removed the lettering, but also detailed the car inside and out. When Scott heard that the car was being donated to a needy family, he cut the bill in half.

The moral of this story is that your FOP lodge and some wonderful business partners came together and helped a neighbor.

Your lodge is not only the range. Your support also benefits our communities in so many ways.

All American Towing, Accel Tire, and the Detail Shop (TDS). You were there when we needed you. We will be there when you need us.