Iredell Firewire & MI Screen Printing Make Donation to Fraternal Order Of Police

On the evening of May 4, 2019, Mooresville Police K9 Officer Jordan Sheldon laid down his life, making the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the Town of Mooresville. The staff of Iredell Firewire was deeply impacted as we listened to events unfold. We knew that we needed to do something to honor the life of Officer Sheldon and show our support to his fellow officers. By sunrise, our team had created the design for the mourning badge that was widely shared over the coming weeks. The next day, Iredell Firewire Founder Dan Mark reached out to MI Screen Printing with the idea of making a memorial t-shirt. Jason and Danielle Gordon agreed to take on this project and made our idea come to life. The first shirts rolled off the line on May 8th, just before the town’s celebration of life at the town hall. Over the coming weeks, orders poured in from all over the country resulting in approximately 1,800 shirts being sold and shipped.

Tonight, Iredell Firewire and MI Screen Printing donated $15,500 in the memory of Officer Jordan Sheldon to the Iredell County Chapter of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police.

The Iredell County Fraternal Order of Police is a nonprofit organization committed to serving not only our local law enforcement officers but also our local community. Iredell County FOP was chosen as the recipient for these funds for several reasons including:

• Officer Sheldon was a member of the Iredell County FOP.

• Iredell County FOP President and Attorney provided support to Officer Sheldon during an officer-involved shooting on November 18, 2018.

• Iredell County FOP Executive Board members and Chaplains responded to the hospital and the Mooresville Police Department the night of Officer Sheldon’s death. They provided emotional support, food, and drinks to officers and the family.

• Iredell County FOP provided meals and other supplies to the Police Department

• Iredell County President Rodney James and NC President Randy Hagler visited with Officer Sheldon’s mother and brother at their home and delivered a check for the member death benefit.

Returning the support: Iredell Firewire, downtown business donate $15,500 to local police advocates – | news, local government, politics, Mooresville, South Iredell and the Lake Norman area, NC

After the murder of Mooresville K-9 Officer Jordan Sheldon, the Fraternal Order of Police leaned in with support for the fallen officer’s family and colleagues. On Tuesday, the founder of Iredell Firewire – the popular social-media site that follows Iredell County’s emergency calls – and Downtown Mooresville’s MI Screen Printing returned that support with a $15,500 donation to the Iredell County FOP lodge.

• Iredell County FOP provided legal representation during the court battle over the release of body camera footage.

• The Iredell County Fallen Officer’s Memorial is maintained on the property of the Iredell County FOP. The FOP hosts an annual memorial service at their lodge.

The Iredell County FOP will use the money to support the Mooresville Police Department, the Sheldon Family and maintain the fallen officers memorial.

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