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Firearms Range

by davidt2974

Range Rules

  • You must Sign in
  • Membership Card must be visible at all times- pin to clothing or cap or place in a lanyard
  • No Alcohol consumed on the Range !! This includes no shooting after consumption
  • Eye and ear protection must be in use at all times during shooting activities
  • No shooting toward the creek (left of the shed if facing down range)
  • NO SHOTGUNS in upper berms.
  • No rifles in upper berms (Berms labeled C-F) [Pistol calibers excluded]
  • No shooting during darkness unless approved law enforcement training
  • No shooting before 1pm on Sundays unless special approval of FOP on a meeting night (note this requirement applies to classes of civilians shooting low light)
  • Targets stands must be erected and removed. No materials should be left at or on the range unless you have executive committee permission. Do not use materials at the range without permission.
  • Use only approved targets. Bring all your supplies and targets with you. Take them or place in dumpster when you leave. (Aluminum cans, glass, cement blocks etc. are NOT approved targets)
  • Pick-up trash, casings, and shotgun hulls after each range session and deposit in dumpster or take with you
  • No vehicles on the range except entities setting up range for their use (No individuals unless preapproved for handicapped exception only)
  • If you are the last person on the range lock the gate when you leave.
  • Gates locks other than the FOP’s must be identified with the name and number of the owner or it will be removed
  • No fully automatic firearms on the range unless law enforcement training
  • There will be no Exclusive Range Use by anyone or entity unless approved at an FOP meeting at least 60 days in advance
  • Each person on the range is responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws
  • All members on the range are asked to meet and greet one another. This verifies you are sharing the range with an FOP member and that all parties are in compliance with rules/regulations of the FOP
  • All Rules above apply to each and every person on our range and each entity.

Rules Regarding Scheduling

  • Rodney James is to be contacted to schedule the range or building (This may change with annual elections)
  • His info will also be posted on the website and the range
  • CCH will be conducted in berms B-F unless otherwise approved
  • One berm will always be open to members
  • Entities can schedule up to 4 berms for use at one time
  • It is the instructor/coordinator responsibility to verify reservations by checking the calendar (reservations not on the calendar are void)
  • Scheduled groups have the right to move people out of their scheduled area.
  • Range and building reservations must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance
  • Payment for classes must be submitted to the secretary by the first meeting after the class with a roster (names and addresses) of students.
    Mailing address for Iredell FOP #10 is
    PO Box 5304
    Statesville, NC 28687
  • All firearms classes will be charged $5 per person for the range and $5 per person for the building
  • To teach a class at the FOP an instructor must present proof of a minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance policy every January. If not received by The February meeting the instructor will not be allowed to reserve the range until complying. (NOTE : This is effective immediately ! as of this time No one has submitted the required documentation for 2010)
  • No instructor is allowed to use the FOP name or location in advertising their Firearms Training Classes (ex: Able Instructor, FOP approved and teaching at the FOP in Statesville)
    If any situation or condition arises the FOP may change or restrict any of above rules or procedures as needed.
  • In short brothers and sisters, we are responsible equally to ensure that first of all the range is used and shared in a safe manner!


*The Range Request system is for arranging to reserve the exclusive use of a certain area of the Range for special events, Association shooting events, Concealed Carry Classes or Police Training.  Members wishing to visit the Range and shoot as individuals or with family and friends do not need to schedule their visit and Range use. Range reservations can only be reserved by a current Lodge Member.

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