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Boston Butts Fundraiser: A Great Success

by davidt2974

The Boston Butts fundraiser for 2021 was a great success. 378 Boston Butts cooked and sold or donated. We were then able to provide a Thanksgiving meal to every fire, end and law enforcement officer working Thanksgiving Day.

Additionally we provided full Thanksgiving meals to 235 community members who might not have had any meal that day.

Special thank you to Halmar-Friesen Racing for donating 35 turkeys to help needy families and first responders.

We also conducted Operation Adopt a Marine Platoon.

We had a very short window of just 10 days to get items to send to a Marine Platoon traveling with the Navy. 32 young men in need of some basic supplies and goodies from people that want to help out.

So much was donated by our Associate membership that we were able to send more than 300 pounds of items such as toiletries, holiday decorations, candies, individual personal hygiene items as well as purchasing tactical gloves, winter hats, warm gloves and other winter items.

We were blessed that an a Associate member Logan Burk who owns and operates UPS Store in Mooresville #2078, packaged and shipped these items to an Air Force base as the beginning of its journey and covered all of the shipping.

We are so thankful for our Associate membership and their generosity.

We also thank a local company Case Farms for their support and generosity.

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