Boston Butt Fundraiser!

The lodge will be holding a Boston Butt fundraising event in support of several well worth endeavors.

Our world renowned chefs from the lodge will be partnering with the members of Cooking for Christ, and will embark on preparing their fare on Tuesday, November 21, and will be ready for sale on Wednesday November 22. Great prices for a great meal.

The costs have been set at $35.00 per butt, or 3 butts for $100.00.
You can pre-order by calling:

  • President Tommy Chipman 704-902-8915
  • 1st VP Rodney James 704-397-7562
  • 2nd VP Duck Wyatt 704-557-5688
  • Treasurer Tom Gallo 516-528-2563

We will be selling a total amount of 200 butts for the pre-order sales. So it will be on a first come, first served basis. Remember, pickup for all sales will be anytime on Wednesday November 22.

This fundraising effort supports our Thanksgiving meals for those who are not as fortunate as we are. Last year, we were able to donate meals to 40 needy families in our Iredell County area. Any additional funds raised, will be dedicated to defraying medical expenses for a family that is in dire need of assistance.

We need your help in supporting these very worth- while projects. Come out and get involved by purchasing a Boston Butt or two. Or maybe three. Tell your friends. Maybe purchase a butt, and throw a party. A cheap way to show fellowship, and support the lodge.