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by davidt2974

For information on joining please contact..
Associate Secretary/Treasurer:



Membership open enrollment is at the open meeting the first Tuesday every month at 5 pm.

Active Members: Current or retired municipal, county, state, federal and military law enforcement, probation, parole and detention officers having the powers to arrest. State approved campus, special company police officers and DOD/DHS intelligence officers.

Affiliate Members: Sworn personnel without arrest powers, detention officers, law enforcement support personnel (such as crime scene techs, tele-communicators, evidence custodians, crime lab techs, police service aides, DMV examiners, etc.), active reserve officers with arrest powers and part-time law enforcement officers including state-approved campus and special company police.

Associate Members: All law-abiding citizens, lacking felony and serious misdemeanor convictions, found worthy. No law enforcement connection required.